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Starting February 1, 2024, all senders who send email to Gmail or Yahoo MUST do this

Email Compliance is Mandatory

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Starting February 1st 2024, all business emails must meet strict sender requirements. Failing to comply could mean your business emails end up in Spam, or worse, get Blocked.

Things you should know!

    • Who’s Affected? ALL EMAIL SENDERS & especially those sending bulk emails. 
    • What if I Don’t Comply? Google and Yahoo might block your emails, damaging your reputation and deliverability. 
    • Does Sending Volume Matter? While there’s talk of a 5K daily sending limit, it’s not a safe zone. ALL SIZES NEED TO BE AUTHENTICATED. 
    • What About Low-Volume Senders and DKIM? Fear not! DKIM is beneficial regardless of your sending volume, improving your open rates and reputation. 
    • What if I’m a High-Volume Sender? It’s crucial to transition off generic authentication and onto your domain. This might seem daunting, but it’s essential for maintaining deliverability.
    • What is EMAIL AUTHENTICATION? Email authentication is a bit like a passport for your emails, proving they’re legitimate and not spam or phishing attempts. Before we get into the specifics, ensure your sending domain is valid (at least 30 days old) and points to a live website, not a blank page. It should also have an MX record, which is like a signpost directing emails to the right server. 
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Option #1: Send an Email

Option #2: Scan your domain

This is where we step in – Your Email Compliance Pros!

Attention Business Owners: Do you realize that ignoring these new email compliance rules is like shutting the door on your own success? Here’s the hard truth – if you don’t adapt, prepare to see your emails vanish into thin air. We’re talking a massive, crippling drop in deliverability. Think about it. Every carefully crafted message, every offer, every connection you try to make – lost.

On February 1, 2024, Google and Yahoo will implement new email sender requirements to improve deliverability and protect user inboxes.

But it’s not just about being unseen. It’s about your hard-earned reputation. Fail to comply, and you’re not just a sender anymore; you’re flagged as a spammer, or worse, a phishing threat. Imagine the trust you’ve built, the relationships you’ve nurtured, all being eroded in an instant.

And here’s the kicker: Get blacklisted, and it’s game over. Every single email you send, 100% of them, could be doomed to the dark abyss of the spam folder. This is not a drill; it’s a dire warning. Are you going to wait around until it’s too late, or will you take action now? The choice is yours, but remember, inaction here is not just a small misstep; it’s a colossal blunder that could cost you everything.

Why these matter

    • Email Authentication: Google and Yahoo now require DKIM authentication for your emails, along with a basic DMARC record. If you’re not using these yet, it’s time to start.
    • Domain Ownership: Using generic email addresses like won’t cut it anymore. You must use an email address from your own domain to meet these new standards.
    • Spam Complaint Management: Keep your spam complaint rate below 0.3% as per Google’s guidelines to avoid your emails being blocked.
    • Maintaining an Active Email List: With Gmail removing inactive accounts since December 1st, regularly updating your subscriber lists is more important than ever to maintain a robust email list and sender reputation.

Understanding and adapting to these changes is vital for your email strategy. Don’t let these updates catch you off guard; ensure your business is ready for the new era of email communication.

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